About Us

Absolute Automation, LLC was founded in Houston, TX and have been serving many unique companies across many states.  Originally founded in 2014, we have grown significantly within our geological area.

We strive to build confidence with our customers by providing world class services for their every need.  We work closely with our customers to define the most feasible solution at the very best value. Regardless of the type or size of the project, we give it our full attention to ensure that a highly exceptional solution is delivered.

Through the many projects we've successfully delivered in the pass, we've learned to not only rely on the expertise of our in-house engineers but also with locally established businesses.  Collaboratively, we've grown alongside our customers and business partners. 

About Us



With any project, vision is highly important.  Not only does it set a goal but puts a finish line on the path.

Whether it's a new production line or retrofit, our knowledge in automation systems provide valuable insights for our customers. We work to build a common vision between Absolute Automation and our customers so there's a clear common goal.



Apart from knowledge, experience is key to delivering a fully functional production system.

With many years in designing, retrofitting and application support, we pride ourselves for being fluent in production processes.



Product quality is highly important to any business. 

We believe that quality equipment will help our customers deliver quality products.  Every chance we get to improve the quality of the production process, we make every effort to entertain it.

Our Partners